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    Conejo Youth Basketball Association

    Having Fun Yet?

    We hope everyone is having a good time this season!  Pictures have been posted on our CYBA Facebook Page.  Make sure you like the page for immediate updates.

    Spring Registration will open soon.  Stay tuned!

    Sport Ngin App Now Completely FREE

    Since releasing our flagship Sport Ngin mobile app, we’ve heard from parents, athletes, coaches, managers, volunteers, and fans how important it is for them to stay updated on what’s going on with their favorite teams. It’s been downloaded more than we ever could have imagined, and we’re excited at what the future has in store for our mobile users.

    Knowing how important the app is for so many people, we want to do whatever we can to make it easier, better, and more valuable to everyone who uses it. One thing we have always talked about, is the impact the $1.99 subscription had for our user’s engagement. At the end of the day, we felt that while it represented a great value for the features it unlocked, the overall youth sports community would be better if we just gave every feature to everyone. 

    So we’re happy to announce, that starting today, the Sport Ngin mobile app is entirely free for everyone. Administrative features, notifications, and the ability to follow as many teams as you want, are all now available at no cost. It’s a small way for us to help make staying informed, engaged, and on the go easier for everyone. All you need to do is download the updated version of the Sport Ngin Mobile app.

    Coaching Registration

    Referee Registration

    If you are interested in being a CYBA Referee, please register below.  This is for all new and returning referees.  Thank you.

    Referees aged 18+ will complete a background check during the registration.  You must be in at least 9th grade to register.

    Follow Your Team(s) with this New Mobile App

    PO BOX 6966, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

    For Questions and Comments, we want to hear from you!  Please email us at info@cyba.org

    Playoff Weekend


    Upcoming Events

    • Feb
    • 26
    Playoffs Begin

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    Using Calendar Feature

    One of the most convenient and user-friendly features on the new CYBA web site is the ability to build your own Family Calendar.  While very helpful for parents with a child in even one activity, the real benefit comes to those parents who have multiple children involved at the same time in CYBA sports.

    We would suggest subscribing to the following Tags:  HOME, REGISTRATION, & PARENT RESOURCES.  Once teams are formed, then include the Tag for your team(s).

    Dont' forget to download the mobile app!  Any changes made to the calendar(s) that you subscribe too, will alert you via the app!  This includes practice changes, game updates, and other important notifications.

    Follow these simple steps to lay out and print your Family Calendar. When you are logged in to the CYBA Web Site (www.cyba.org):
    •Go to the "Calendar" tab at the top 
    •Click "Show Tag Menu" 
    •Click "Clear Tags" 
    •Now check the box for the team(s) you want to utilize to create your calendar. At the bottom of the page you can "Print Page", subscribe to an RSS feed or subscribe to an iCal feed. 

    Thank you for utilizing the new and improved CYBA Web Site!

    CYBA Teams in Action!

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Looking for ways to help out CYBA?  Check out the open positions to see what opportunites exist.